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接單訂製 / order to make:36、39、40

1. 台灣設計 x 台灣製造 x 台灣售後服務

2. 可以局部調整容積和寬度以符合您腳型,也可以接受訂製

3. 可拆式鞋墊,可以直接拿起來清潔保養或更換


Designed, Produced in Taiwan.

Available to adjust the space and width partially

Removable footbed, easily take off to clean and replace

規格型號 S-Monk_mellow
庫存狀況 3



- Last -

Last give a spirit into shoes and makes it alive.
This last doesn't have somthing impressive but it shows confidence and attitude.



- Footbed -

You can definitely feel not only leather touching for pigskin use, but also breathability for the special foam material.


- Weight -

The outsole is not one piece to assemble with.
The outsole is made with layers of different materials which including strong rubber for abrasion resistant and light sponge for shock absorber.


- Material -

upper / waxy leahter
lining / cow skin
footbed / pigskin with poliyou foam
outsole/ rubber and sponge


- Orignal -



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